Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara
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To: Hitagi Senjougahara Messenger unknown. Message: "Please meet me in classroom R on the fifth floor. I have some important information to share with you concerning a one Mr. Apollo."

Hitagi gazes down at the message on her phone. Information on Apollo? Strange. It couldn’t be something Hitagi didn’t already know. But…

What if Apollo had been lying about where he’d been? Pulling herself up from her bed, the teen starts toward the stairs leading up to the fifth floor. It could be something important, after all.

Loyalty || Apollo & Hitagi


Apollo was sure the stabbing was not necessary but he did not refute the claim out loud. The brunette did not like hearing those words. He dreaded what was to come. However, he would endure what he had to in order to make things right again. The spikey haired attorney sat in silence as she continued to patch his wound. Thankfully it didn’t need stitches because that would have been a trip. His voice remained neutral. “My priorities are just fine. Thank you, for patching me up.” (I wouldn’t need it if you hadn’t stabbed me.)

The attorney frowned sourly in the dark. “It still hurt you know.” Huffing quietly, he didn’t push it any further than that unless she decided to put pressure on it again. After all the male was still terrified of her unpredictable nature and she was helping him. Apollo knew the risks of the game. The odds of winning were low. They were stacked against him. It was designed to fail. If she didn’t kill him before he could regain her trust then it would be a miracle. The teen felt her press against him once more and it made his heart skip a beat as she asked the question that made it plummet. For a moment he was sure this was the only thing that he could do to win her back. What if she would accept nothing less? He was more scared of her in that single instant than he’d ever been. “K-kill?” Distress ran through ever fiber of his body. The answer was obvious even in the dark. “N-not Gareki or Panne. A-and not because they mean more than your loyalty. But they’re my friends too.” Apollo did not like the idea of killing. He did not like it even more so if someone had to die to prove a point. Remaining silent, he couldn’t manage to tell her that. Not at that moment. Morals and loyalty. What was more important? She wasn’t going to make him do it. It didn’t make the question any easier. The young lawyer managed to find the will to speak up in that moment. “It would be easier to kill someone that I haven’t formed an attachment to but- As much as I want to say I could if you asked me, I’m afraid it would be a lie.” Morals. Loyalty. Dilemma. “If someone were to even attempt to hurt you. I would in a heartbeat.”


And there went hope. It was going, going, gone, leaving Apollo feeling like a bird trapped in a cage. Probation. Lessons. No arguments. The teen wanted to object but could not find his voice. If he really wanted a second chance, this is how it was going to be. Sighing he let his shoulders slump in defeat. Hitagi’s last question had him stumped. It was almost impossible to impress Hitagi. The standards were high. The bar was set. He’d never felt smaller. “To be honest, I really don’t know. But I’ll figure it out. I have to.” (I hope.)

If Apollo could see Hitagi’s gaze in the darkness, there was a chance he wouldn’t like what he could see. She gazed in his direction intently - the gaze narrowing as he spoke. Protecting Panne and Gareki. Why? She was all that should matter to him. “First of all, it did not hurt that badly. You are simply whining to whine. I do not feel pity for you, Justice.” Blink. “If, Apollo, I feel like your loyalties are leaning more toward the two of them than toward me, I will not hesitate to kill either of them. Yes, they might have helped the tiniest bit before. Yes, they are your friends. But that will not stay my hand if they try to take you from me in any manner. You are mine, Apollo. Mine and mine alone.” And here she paused, leaning in to kiss his throat once more. If she were a cat, she might have even purred. “If I were to ask you to do it, though, it would be someone with which you have formed an attachment. You belong to me and only me.” A smirk curved her lips. “Even having a friendship with another female is the same as cheating on me, Apollo.”

He was so adorably loyal. It made Hitagi want to reach out and kiss him. But no. She would wait. She would ensure that he would be loyal to her above all else. Yes. This was what Hitagi wanted. “If someone were to hurt me, you’d kill them? Is that a promise, Apollo? I hope so. Most people here seem to have it out for me. I was not a kind person in your absence. I did things. You will have quite a bit to do in way of defense if you are truly promising such a thing. Still, I believe you. It will be fun to watch you defend me, if only because I know your determination will ensure your victory.” Hitagi chuckled before lifting a hand to trace the bandage she’d applied to him. Even after being hurt by her, he’d remained. Yes. There was something special about Apollo Justice. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. “If I am telling the truth, I am glad you have returned.”

And here she pulled away from him fully - disappearing into the gaping maw that was the darkness in the room. “You have done it before. Impressed me. Think hard, Apollo. It does not take much.” Surely he had to be wondering why she knew how he felt. “You always get so quiet and serious when you are worried. Calm down.” He was comfortable. Kind and gentle. Indeed, there was no one like Apollo Justice for Hitagi Senjougahara. The female tilted her head to the side. “What are you thinking about right now? What would you do if you thought yourself fully forgiven at this exact moment? Would you disappear once more, Apollo?”

Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


Apollo looked practically traumatized, watching her with distrusting eyes. “You could have done that without stabbing me!” Really he was at no point to criticize her, lest she do it again for good measure. “Stabbing aside, I’m pretty sorry regardless.” At least she was putting that blasted boxcutter away. Apollo felt a wave of jealousy wash over him. That minute flare of white hot emotion within him and he could say nothing about it. Willing or not he had left her. And who could blame her? He could not deny the feeling of pride when she mentioned that none could comfort her like he did. (I don’t even want to think about how they treated her. I guess no one did better than me. Which relieves me and worries me.) The teen closed his eyes, what did it matter in the dark anyway, grateful that it was hiding his red face. “I don’t really see a point to moving anyway.”

Apollo sat quite still, his heart pounding loudly when he heard her return. ”I’m actually relieved you did because that suit is special. So thanks.” (I think. And at the same time I’m not because I’m naked. Somewhat. And still terrified. Not a fun combo.) The disinfectant stung, and he tried to remain still despite the discomfort. “Ow. Ow.” Yet her touch was very gentle. One of the very things he loved about Hitagi. She was abrasive and yet gentle at the same time. There were times he couldn’t understand why he stuck so close to her despite her mistreatment at times. And then he’d remember exactly what it was he’d forgotten that kept him so close. He found her beautiful in the same way someone might be awed by a tornado wreaking devastation. There were times when she let go of that harsh demeanor and let the girl he was so in love with shine. She was something beautiful, mysterious and a woman to be feared. (Kill me? Guess I should have seen that coming.) No that wouldn’t do. If she were to kill him, it would mean her execution. Unless…Unless...Unless… (A game? I don’t think I like where this is going…)


OUCH!” That smarted something fierce. So much for that gentle touch. He pouted in the dark, though still afraid she might just decide to turn around and off him anyway. The youth didn’t doubt for a second that she’d do it or the fact that it would be slow and horrendously painful. “A game. I guess I don’t really have a choice. But I accept. I don’t have any problems proving my loyalty.” The was giving him the chance not to die? It sure didn’t sound that way. There was no doubt it would end in his death most likely because pleasing Hitagi was no easy task. He’d have to work out something to stop her without hurting her in the process. Or perhaps that would be part of her loyalty test to let her kill him. And that would be quite the conundrum. If she were to die needlessly for him because she would become his murderer then he would never forgive himself. “I’m not going to leave you. And I’ll prove it.” (Even if you terrify me. And pleasing you isn’t easy. I’m not one to give up so easily. I’ll do it or die trying. Gulp.) “Can I uh, have my clothes back now?”

"No. The stabbing was needed." Hitagi spoke the same as she always did with him - that slightly amused tone mixed with a soft purr. "You had to learn a lesson. You still have to learn a lesson. This is just the beginning of that lesson. There will be much more pain to come." As she cleaned his cut, the female glanced at him in the darkness before returning her gaze to the cut. It wasn’t that bad, anyway. Just enough to hurt him, not enough to need stitches. "So concerned over clothing. If I did not know better, Justice, I would think your priorities are off. But since I am cleaning your cut for you, you do not need to worry about it getting infected. Lucky you, Justice."

She did take care not to harm him - using those slender fingers of her’s to ensure that the cut was clean. When he cried out in pain, the female only rolled her eyes. “You are being childish. It is just a little pain. You will live. But if you keep yelling like that, I will pull away and you will have to tend to your own injuries.” Lapsing into silence as Apollo spoke once more, Hitagi couldn’t help but chuckle. Of course he didn’t have a choice. Changes were that she would kill him the moment their little game became boring. In essence, Apollo would have to do something spectacular in order to win her trust once more. “What if I asked you to kill someone, Apollo? Would you do that for me?” And there she was, pressed up against him tight like she’d been right before she stabbed him. “If I told you to kill Gareki or Panne in a show of loyalty, would you do it?” The female chuckled, clearly amused. “I will not ask those things of you, but I am curious all the same.”

His request for his clothes was met with a firm shake of her head. No. “You may not. From this moment forward, you must do what I say when I say it. Any arguments will result in punishment. Think of this as probation until you have proven yourself to me. Now then…” Pulling back fully, Hitagi replaced the various items in the first aid kit before pushing it off to the side. “How will you impress me?”

Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


"If you really need to go somewhere I’ll move aside. I won’t stop you if you really need to leave." Though he initially hadn’t been scared at first, that tone sent chills down his spine. She was deadly serious. Perhaps it was a good thing the lights had went out. It might give him the time he needed to launch into the story and not be stabbed beforehand. "Even if I can’t see you, I can still talk. That doesn’t suddenly mean I can’t."

He wasn’t leaving that easily. Who knew what idiots were making good use of the dark to do dastardly things. “We’ve lost power. I didn’t touch the lights for the last time. Or at least we’ve lost the lights. Did it occur to you that maybe the bear did it for fun? Or the fact that we have a lot of troublemakers in this school who would definitely do something like this? If they’re smart enough to figure out how. I don’t give anyone here that much credit.” Apollo scoffed, turning his head away although no one would see it in the dark. A tiny smile made it’s way to his face at her use of his first name. “Old habits die hard I see.” Sighing, he continued on. “You can still use it for light. I find it hard to believe at least Panne doesn’t use it to get a hold of you. Or maybe Orihara?” He spat Izaya’s name like venom. No doubt that slimy snake had attempted to twist things in his disappearance. Or maybe she really didn’t use it. 

Another aggressive sounding sigh and the venom in his tone was gone, replaced with a softer one. “I’m not entirely sure how I didn’t make it. Everything was chaos with the monsters attacking. I assure you it was no field trip. But somehow I didn’t arrive back at the school. I looked everywhere for anyone who may have still been out there with me. Not a single person. There wasn’t much of anything. It was like the entire forest was devoid of life. Most of it destroyed from all the fighting. But it would get dark and everything would come out at night. Or so it seemed. I couldn’t tell if I was hallucinating or not. I’d stay awake for days, not even sure of time. I thought about you so much it was almost like you were really there.” He fidgeted in the dark for a moment. “I’d see things. When I was sure I’d hit my lowest point, you showed up only to stay just out of my reach. It drove me crazy. I was going out of my mind. I’d made a promise never to be apart from you. I’d attempted to talk to Monobear even if he was nowhere to be seen. I begged and begged to come back. I tried so hard to get back to you. Finally he showed up and when I was sure I was just dreaming, he decided it had been long enough and his plan to cause despair among our friends enough for you to kill, hadn’t worked. Or maybe he was hoping you’d kill me when I came running to you.”


"Maybe it’s going to work after all. I’m sorry that I made such a foolish promise. I really didn’t know it was going to end up like this. I wouldn’t have said a thing if I knew. Wouldn’t have made a promise I couldn’t keep. I guess it was naive of me to be so optimistic about it for once."

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Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


Apollo recognized the warning signs, knew the signals by heart. For a moment he wondered if he’d made the right choice. Perhaps aggression was really not the best way to go about it at the current time. Letting his initial frustration recede, he watched her withdraw a box cutter, one he was definitely familiar with. Memories of their first encounter began to surface. He knew exactly what she was capable of and yet he wasn’t really afraid of the possible consequences , merely giving her a neutral stare. “Are we really going to do this? I’m not-” The more he thought about it, technically yes he was holding her here. Apollo grew silent, lost in thought for a moment. To hold his ground or to listen to her and relent…He’d always had a bit of a stubborn streak. “-not trying to hold you here against your will. I just want to talk. Would it really hurt to hear what I have to say? I can talk, you can do whatever and then I’ll leave. Just like you want me to.”

(I can’t tell if it’s better to fight it or obey.) He folded his arms across his chest, watching her carefully. “Say I do that. How do I know you won’t just tear it up? The reason I want to talk to you is, well, I thought it would be, taking the easy way out to just write you or even text it.” Watching her advance, he remained where he was. More than likely, a poor choice on his part. As he watched her and prepared to speak again the lights went out. Odd. Before he could really question it, she began to accuse him of turning off the lights. “I didn’t turn them off. There’s no reason for me to.” He couldn’t even see his hand in front of his face. Not good.


"You were looking right at me weren’t you? I think we just lost power." Great. Trapped in the dark and unable to see. Apollo slowly slid down the door to sit on the floor. "I know I’m not the best company at the moment but I think it would be smarter for me to stay. Look, I’ll even stay right here by the door. You can use your Monomessenger for light. I’d use mine but it’s dead." The teen pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Now seemed like as good a time as any. He was just going to jump right in. "I couldn’t get back here after the trip. I tried. I really did. I’m not even sure how long it’s been. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m not even sure where I was. Being stuck outside was a nightmare. If I had been able to successfully escape, I would have found a way to bring all of you with me. It wasn’t pretty. All I could think about was you. Alone and the promise I made to never leave you alone." 

"Oh, you are not trying to…? Well, excuse me for assuming that you were. It just seems that way, considering you are blocking my only means of exit at the moment." Hitagi hissed the words at him, dropping into that dangerous register that she only used when she intended to do true harm to another human being. Hitagi wanted nothing more o kill him in that moment. If it hadn’t been for the lights turning off on them, she very well would have. Blue eyes searched the darkness for anything that would give away a path to Apollo. Too bad there was nothing. Or, rather, luckily for Apollo there was nothing. "You cannot even see me now to talk to me face-to-face. There is no point in speaking any longer."

And yet she didn’t hear the telltale sound of the door opening. Idiot. “The school does not lose power like that. Turn the lights back on, Apollo.” She’d slipped, using his given name instead of his surname. Hitagi grimaced at that. “I do not use my Monomessenger. No one contacts me on it. I contact no one on it. It is a useless piece of glass and plastic.” The teen didn’t move from her spot on the bed, surprisingly. The room wasn’t messy enough that she wouldn’t be able to grope her way to Apollo to kill him. Instead - and this was something Hitagi was remiss to admit to - she wished to be near him. Just a little. Just enough to hear why he’d left her at the school, all alone. Why he’d broken his promise to her.

And just like that, she’d received her answer. For a long time, Hitagi said nothing. She sat in silence, processing what he’d told her. Eventually, the teen drew in a deep breath. “…How did it happen? Were you left behind somehow?” She did recall the last time she had seen him was during the school trip. Yes, that had been correct. Hitagi chewed at her lower lip. Had he really been stuck out there, all alone? The female had to suppress the urge to reach out for him and hug him. For now, she’d only wait to hear his reply. “Did you…” Trailing, Hitagi grit her teeth together briefly as if trying to stop herself from asking the question. “Did you really try to come back for me? Or did Monobear just catch you a second time?”


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Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


There wasn’t a damn thing that could make this situation right. He’d screwed up and he’d screwed up bad. This time he was at a loss for what to do. How was he to proceed? Apollo almost wished she would do it. The agony of being close, yet still separated was unbearable. That was nothing compared to her pain. Perhaps living was a far worse punishment. He did not wish to die but endure this. She had dealt with enough suffering and this was the price he paid for being the dealer.

Immediately Apollo let go of her. Words would not be enough. After all, actions spoke volumes above words. “No. You didn’t. Apologies, Miss Senjougahara.” Justice. She had not called him Apollo. Back to square one. The tone of her voice stung but he did his best not to show it. Catching him off guard with her push he stumbled slightly. For someone so light she had quite a bit of power, however she wasn’t done by any means. His head snapped to the side from the force of her hand. Apollo clenched his teeth.


"No. I won’t. It’s not convenience. I wouldn’t be standing here if I wasn’t serious. If I had malicious intentions, I wouldn’t have even came to you." Apollo felt a spike of anger rising within him. Without realizing it he snapped aggressively. "I don’t care what everyone else thinks. Right now I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone hated me. That’s neither here nor there. I don’t care about my self image. I care about you!" (But you left. I didn’t mean to. It just happened.) She was going to cry. (It’s all my stupid, dumb, idiotic, redundant fault.) He did not want to see her cry. For some reason he hadn’t expected her to say that. She would have to do it herself if she wanted it that way. Oh no. That was not the way this was going to go. He was not normally impulsive, preferring to think things over carefully before acting, however he’d never been able to hide his  emotions well, always wearing his heart on his sleeve. Apollo stepped further into the doorway, kicking the door shut behind him and leaning against it. “I don’t think so. I’m not done. I still have a lot to say. And I’m not going anywhere. I know I’ve screwed up, big time.” He placed a hand against the side of his face that she’d hit, feeling more frustrated at the situation at this point that anything. He was lost on how to go about this. When you’re at rock bottom, the only way to go is up. “If you don’t want to listen that’s fine. But I’m going to talk regardless.”

Hitagi’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He had defied her? He had no right. “Get. Out.” There was a very clear indignant tone to her voice as he slammed the door behind him and leaned against it. Slipping a box cutter from her sleeve, Hitagi prepared to extend the blade only to pause when he spoke. It was always like this with him. Or, at least, it had been. She’d push him too far, say something that would snap, and he’d finally grow enough of a backbone to confront her. Blue eyes narrowed before she snapped them up to meet Apollo’s brown gaze. “You have no right to hold me hostage in my own room to listen to anything you have to say. I demand that you leave at once!” Distantly, she was reminded of the last time she’d told him to get away from her. It seemed so long ago. That time, it had ended in a hug. This time, though, it was going to end with Apollo horribly wounded.

"I do not wish to hear anything you have to say. If you have excuses, you can write them on a piece of paper and slide them beneath the door. Then I will judge if you are worthy based on your syntax and handwriting. There will be no other way that your apology will even be close to acceptable." With that, she took a threatening step towards the male and raised the boxcutter. In fact, it seemed as if she wasn’t going to stop. Perhaps, then, it was lucky for Apollo that the lights went out without warning. Hitagi sucked in a surprised gasp of air before hissing into the darkness. "This is not funny, Apollo. Turn the lights back on right now." From just the simple loss of sight, Hitagi felt as if she couldn’t find anything in the darkness any longer. Retracting the blade in case she tripped and hurt herself, Hitagi groped in the dark for something - anything. What she found was her bed. Sitting down upon it, the female clenched her jaw.

"Lights on. I do not want to be in the dark with you, Apollo." A pause. "Do not think that this is a free ticket to talk to me. Turn the lights back on and get out. Just because I can no longer see you does not mean I am unable to kill you."

Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


Apollo had no idea what to expect at this point except potential murder. Amazingly enough, even to himself, he did not flinch when she moved, in the blink of an eye she was at his throat and a part of him was impressed. Well, the part that was desperately praying he’d get to talk before dying.

His eyes never once left her, determined to take whatever she’d deemed punishment. He was waiting for the inevitable plunge, still looking straight at her. When she dropped the scissors, he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. Her expression was tearing him down, piece by piece. It was only fair right? Regardless of the situation being out of control, he still believed it was entirely his fault. “I know. I’m honestly shocked you didn’t finish.” Everything felt so surreal. He was still alive. She was here. He glanced at the scissors on the floor, spotting the blood. “Your hands…” He still remained frozen in the doorway, not expecting her to initiate contact. Apollo swore he wouldn’t touch her until she wanted him to, but in that moment he broke, unable to help himself. Very gently, he wrapped his arms around her, fully expecting her to throw him off. “I know I’ve been an idiot. I don’t expect things to be like they used to. I don’t expect forgiveness. I don’t expect to have your trust. At this point anyway. The only thing I ask for, is to be heard. I didn’t want to leave you.” Apollo wasn’t sure she’d even believe his story at this point. “I meant everything I ever said to you. None of that has changed. I won’t ever take back how I feel about you. But I want to make this right. As right as I possibly can.” He hadn’t realized he’d been silently crying until his voice broke.


(Dammit). It wasn’t self pity, it was being slammed with all these feelings, the mere fact that he could still lose her forever while having to be in her presence. “I couldn’t leave you and that’s why I’m here. Right now. There’s nothing out there for me. It’s all right here. I just got here and I knew I had to come and see you. You were the first thing on my mind. No one else has seen me and I was scared I wouldn’t make it back to you. I’m sorry. A thousand times over. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy again if you’ll let me. I’ll do anything you want without complaint. I need you. And I need you to know that I mean it.”

Things seemed to be going well. After all, Hitagi hadn’t killed him yet. Sure, she’d tried. But then again, who could blame her? She’d bared her soul to him, listened to him vow that he would never abandon her, and then she’d been abandoned by him. It was enough to make any logical person wish death upon the one who hurt them most - especially if that death came at their own hands. If anything, she was being kind to Apollo by sparing his life. After all, she wasn’t causing him the exact amount of pain he’d caused her.

However, when he wrapped his arms around her, the female stiffened. “Did I tell you that you could touch me, Justice?” Her tone was icy cold, sharp as a knife. “I do not recall giving you permission.” She’d waited until the end of his apologies, but nothing seemed to sink in at all. He’d do whatever it took to make her happy again? And what then? Would he disappear on her once more? Bracing both hands against his chest, Hitagi shoved him away from her - grimacing at the pain it caused her injured hand. Glancing up at him, she noted his tears. And though once she would have done her best to comfort him, Hitagi seemed unmoved by the display. Instead, the teen reared her uninjured hand back and sent it sailing towards his face - her own expressionless. When she felt the sting of flesh connect with flesh, the female narrowed her eyes furiously.

"Say I do let you back in. That I do forgive you for hurting me. What then, Justice? You will only leave me again when it becomes convenient for you. I doubt you’re here because you wish to be. Rather, it will make you look better in the eyes of everyone else to know that you came running back to the person you hurt the most with your disappearance." Don’t cry. She could feel her eyes welling up with tears. Usually Hitagi could tolerate pain well - after all, she’d gone through most of her time since Apollo’s disappearance without shedding a single tear. This, however, was different. Lowering her hand, Hitagi gripped her injured one - holding it close. “Get out. Never speak to me again. I don’t want to see you near me. I refuse to be a tool to rectify someone’s image ever again.”

Reunited || Apollo & Hitagi


I’m Apollo Justice. And I’ll admit it, just this once. I’m not fine.


He was back inside the walls of Hope’s Peak. A place he wasn’t sure he’d see again. Call it crazy but he wanted to be back. He had friends here. Well, he hoped they were still his friends though he wasn’t going to blame them if they thought differently. How long had it been? It felt like ages. There he was, standing in the same spot he’d been standing in the first time he’d arrived months ago. Only this time he knew where he was and what needed to be done first.

Apollo stalked the hallways, familiar faces and not so familiar ones staring back at him. Confusion, recognition, surprise, indifference. There were tons of new faces too that seemed confused by the quiet whispers about him. Where had he been? Why? How did he return?  He merely tuned everything out as if he were the only one who existed, following the hallways that would eventually lead him to the one place he knew by heart. His heart raced, unsure of how this situation was going to end although he had a few good guesses. 

He stood outside of room 204, studying the number carefully. Old memories began to surface. The first time they decided to share a room, the feelings that came with it. A time before they were even together. A memory of peeking out into the hallway and sharing jokes loudly. Memories of the movie room, them, surrounded by friends, making fun of the most ridiculous movies.

Apollo took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth. He was not afraid so much as anxious. How he’d missed her. In truth he missed a lot of people but she held the most important spot. He’d prepared for the worst, knowing exactly what she was capable of. He pushed the door open, standing up straight and ready to face this situation like a man. Apollo stood in the doorway, hands trembling from his nerves and his anxious heart. There she was, still as beautiful and dangerous as ever. How his heart ached and all he wanted was to hold her. He would not allow himself to even attempt being near her. He had no right. He froze, still taking in the sight of her, guilt instantly gnawing at his insides. As he slowly met her gaze, he saw the pain lurking behind them. Even if she did not kill him then and there, he was already drowning in his own guilt. But there would be no pity party. He would not allow himself that. Finding his voice, he awaited her unpredictable response, uttering only on word. “Hitagi.”


Hitagi raised her head the moment she heard the knob of the door begin to turn. That didn’t make sense. SHe could have sworn she locked it. Still, in her moment of panic, she could have easily thought she had when she hadn’t. Her body tensed. The tumblers of the lock were falling into place. Surely it was a lost student. Someone who thought this dormitory room was empty. Or perhaps it was Izaya or one of his followers, come to tell her about that stupid joke that Apollo was back. There was no way. And so, when the door opened, Hitagi tried her best to compose herself. To put on that cool, confident mask of a girl who didn’t care about those around her. A girl who wasn’t bothered by the jokes.

A girl who was currently staring at the man who broke her heart and left without warning.

Perhaps if she had better control of her emotions in that moment, she might have turned her back on him. Acted as if she didn’t care that he had returned. Perhaps she might have even greeted him with a wave. As it was, though, that didn’t happen. For the briefest of moments, Hitagi simply stared at him. And then, quickly, she snapped up a pair of scissors from the desk and rushed toward him. There was no dramatic cry of anger or scream of hatred. No, instead, she merely stopped right before the blades were driven into his throat. The metal itself was already coated with blood - Hitagi’s blood. In that brief moment, she’d gripped the blades of the scissors instead of the handle.

If she’d been more stable, none of this would have happened. Instead, Hitagi seemed to crumble on the spot. The scissors were dropped from her hand only to clatter on the floor. Blood traced tiny rivers on her skin. And Hitagi herself grimaced in what could only be called pure anguish. “S-Stupid. Idiot.” Even her voice shook. For all the pain, though, Hitagi didn’t cry. Instead, she looked away from him. “Idiot dog. You left me all alone. You are so dumb…” And with that, Hitagi buried her face against Apollo’s shoulder - her insults muffled by the fabric covering it.